Before creating new threads search for similar threads

Friendly reminder. The best way to get the message across to Steinberg that things need to be improved or added or fixed is to have popular threads. NOT hundreds of separate threads with a +1. They get lost and ignored by Steinberg.

If you have an idea for the Key Editor, look for a thread about improvements to the Key Editor. Then Steinberg will see that a significant number of users would appreciate improvements done to the Key Editor.

Every idea will fall into a category. Look for the thread that is the closest to the idea you would like to see in Cubase and add to it. The chances are there is already several threads requesting what you are requesting. Those threads too have been lost in the pile.


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Great idea, I wish I had thought of it! :wink: The posts are not lost or ignored though. It’s easy enough to search the forum (with the right tool) and find them.

This thread is worth having in the FR forum, but I’ll lock it so it doesn’t become a long list of plus ones!