before Cubase

4 posters disagreed with you. I don’t see that as ‘piling on’. :confused:

When the word ‘rough’ is used to describe a piece of music, it generally means unpolished, doesn’t it?
I’ve never heard it used to describe something that’s poorly written or uninspired.
Michael asked us for our input, and we all generally agreed that there was substance to the songs but that
the performances/production could be improved. You said the same thing in your first post:

When you’ve got a potentially good song with a bad recording/production, that sounds to me like
the perfect candidate for a remake.
You were unclear, Mr M, because you seemed to contradict yourself when first you say “There is character…”
and, “You may have something to work with here…” - and then you go on to explain …

…that by “rough”, you mean “not good”.

Anyway, in the end, I guess we’re all pretty much in agreement. Certain songs are better left in the past no matter
the recording quality - and some songs are deserving of a new perspective and a quality production.
We may differ on which songs fall into which category - but that decision always falls, rightly, on the artist.

Once again, I have learned an important lesson from this forum. Not a single comment about any one particular song of which there are 19 to choose from. As the artist who created these “turds”, I posted this topic to get some feedback and evidently none of you have the time to listen, or it was more appealing to just change the subject.
Now that we have had a go at interpreting Mr. M’s cryptic comment (and explanation), is there any chance I could get a little feedback on one or more of these songs? or is the whole idea a dead horse?

:blush: EDIT

Hehe, I was posting at the same time as Lenny, who has taken the high road in this discussion, and has once again been helpful and focused. Thanx, Lenny.


Allow me to clarify, my comment to Mr. M was certainly NOT directed at your tunes, which I have already weighed in on in this thread.

I did listen to about half of the songs you linked to. Hence my post to encourage you to pursue them. But no, I don’t have time to critique all 19 individually. The “Modern Blues” number stands out in my memory, it could stand a complete top-to-bottom redo with some bluesy guitar. All that I heard has merit and, in my opinion, would not be an exercise in polishing turds to bring up to a high standard. Like I said before, you should go for it.

One more bit of free advice, if you want help from the forum … curb the attitude … and always expect threads to drift a bit … or sometimes a lot, not that it’s a bad thing. :wink:

Hi Michael,

I didn’t realize that you were looking for detailed feedback for specific songs. 19 songs is a lot to digest and approach all at once. I thought the feedback about ‘are the songs worthy’, and the opinions about redoing old songs would be
of value to you in making your decision. If you decide to go for it, I’d suggest you choose one or two, make a start
with your remake, and we can add our input as the process unfolds.
I’ve got something to do now - but I’ll give another listen later and let you know what my favorites are.


I apologize if my post reflects an attitude. Unless you have read my previous posts over the past few years you wouldn’t know how much I appreciate you guys and the high level of professionalism that pervades this forum. My last comment was more “tongue in cheek”, but now it seems it was more “head up the…”

Not really looking for detailed feedback. I should have been more specific. Your first comment related some valuable insight which is what I am accustomed to getting from you. No need to hash out each song.

Cheer up, all of you. I still love you, and maybe I’ll write a song about it.

If I was commenting on this post I would say that “Modern Blues” is one of the weakest songs, and “Come Home” and maybe, “Take My Hand”, are two of the strongest. Ehhh, what do I know?

Oops, sorry! Saw the link to the music, started to listen and got interrupted and then forgot all about it. :blush:
You may try to post music in the “Made with Cubase” subforum instead next time and maybe more people are in “review mode” over there? :wink:
Anyway … new try!

It’s nice music that is well thought out and meticulously recorded, with lots of parts in all directions coming together in a reasonable way. Good for you to have some creative outlet. Be proud.

“Take your love and shove it up your heart”! That’s a title!

Now …

Very nice and tidy, vocals and harmonies are so nice almost pedantic. The lead vocals could be a little more prominent in the mix but that’s personal. Since there is more reverb on the vocals than in general for the other tracks the balance of lead/backing sounds a little off.

After a few songs I started to long for some flesh and blood. It almost get anemic or antiseptic somehow akin to Kraftwerk in a happy moment. The vocals sounds a little like the singer on the Alan Parsons Project albums some buddies used to listen to in the70ies. Kind of well performed, polite and nice but not really what frontmen are made of :slight_smile: But there are more of us out there who wish we sound like natural born singers, rest assured haha :laughing: !

These song also live in a completely parallel universe to anything I’ve ever heard since they exist in a space without syncopations!?! What’s up with that? Nothing says you have to syncopate everything but this sounds like some conscious decision.

This MIDI orchestra sounds like the sounds came out of something like the Universal Sound Module that came bundled with Cubase VST32. What is your instruments if it’s not VSTi:s? Some format of Roland SoundCanvas? What’s included with Cubase Essentials, in the way of sounds? It get’s kind of static after a while, but nicely recorded.

The songs seems to be written with the safety belt on, everything with a good margin to “strange”, “odd” or “outside”. This makes it sounding a little like you’ve heard it all before. Nothing wrong with that, but when you almost can write out the chord progression as you listen it’s a little too predictable? On the other hand, coming from the other end of the spectrum, screwing everything up backwards and forwards and sideways, don’t listen to what I think haha.

First paragraph again
“It’s nice music that is well thought out and meticulously recorded, with lots of parts in all directions coming together in a reasonable way. Good for you to have some creative outlet. Be proud.”

So keep playing and be happy! :sunglasses:

I can see how what I was saying may not have been clear but I don’t want tp parse the language when we’re talking about a posters material. I agree with your last statement