Before I buy C6...

Hi everyone!

At the moment I’m working in C5 and I’m really fond of it. But one major problem that keeps popping up, is that video-import seems to be more a question of beeing lucky rather than something that just works every time. So my question is; are there any known issues with videoimport in C6?

And one other question: if I upgrade, will my current C5 projects be openable in C6? My guess is yes, but I can see that some people wait to upgrade because, they are in the middle of a project.

As you have a Dongle why not just download the C6 demo.


I would only “wait” because it seems a mega process to get the install files, ie I have a small download quota with my ISP.

Does steinberg care at all?

Haha. Typical me. Didn’t even know there was a demo-version. :laughing:
I’ll try that out. Thanks!