Before I buy the CMC PD...

I don’t really need it to lay down drum beats, but I was wondering if all 16 pads can be used as function keys. I’m hoping to be able to call out functions with a single pad stroke, but it would be enough if it has to be shift + pad. Can someone confirm on the pad functions?


yes, there are 16 modes that can be accessed… mode 16 is F keys. The others set each pad to a different note. So you can jump octaves or control multiple layers etc…

Ok I want it! but… how many of them can I have connected to the same computer at the same time?

To my knowledge, you can only have one of each of the CMC units attached, with the exception of the FD of which there may be a total of four.
I don’t know for sure if this is written in stone; it was also stated somewhere that you could have a total of eight CMC units, but with four FDs plus all others this toal comes to nine - and I can attest that nine units do work together.
So if you’re in a position to test with multiple PDs, let us know. :wink: