Before installing Cubase 8 Pro...please

Ok, my download is finished but i have few preInstallation questions:

  1. I think i can run them side by side with Cubase 6.5, can i? Or do i need to uninstall 6.5?
  2. Will 8 Pro detect all the VST 3 plugins folders from C6.5? There are also my 3d party plugins.
  3. Will 8 Pro detect all the VST Libraries such as Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, ElecDrums,
    Padshop Pro, Ambient Lounge and Vintage Classics or i have to Reinstall?
  4. What about VST Presets from Instrument Tracks? Will they Load in C8PRO?

My whole point is will 8 Pro integrate some of these 3d Party and Extra Stuff as reading from
the original Steinberg Folders or do i have to reinstall everything again for C8Pro.


If you run the upgrade, you should be able to access access all the above. If you were using GA in c6.5, you’ll need to install it again from the Additional Content folder.