Begin chord/note at end of midi segment?

Hi all,

I have been struggling with this for many years and finally decided to do a quick post about it to see if anybody can help.
Let’s say i have a loop in Cubase with some tracks, for a few bars. I like working in a loop at the beginning of a song.
However, if play a chord at the very end of the loop, it cuts off when the loop restarts.

Of course i can insert the same notes at the beginning, but you can hear the notes restart en that is messing too much with the groove.

  • I know i can fiddle around with the sustain pedal, but that takes WAY too much time and disrupts workflow
  • Bounce to audio is an option, but again; limits editing capability and disrupts workflow.

Any other suggestions?


Do I understand you right, you are using an Instrument track, and the “loop” comes from the instrument? Is it a sampler? What instrument? Do I understand you right the loop is not endless, and it just sounds for a specific time, and then it stops? Can you make real loop out of the sound in the Instrument?