Hello FRIENDS, my first post ever and certainly not the last.

  1. I cannot hit the “record enable” or “monitor” button on each track that i have previously recorded. I am able to hit M S and E and everything else on the panel but those two :frowning:

  2. Can Someone please elaborate on how to make a PERFECT guitar loop so i can duplicate it through the song. I have managed to loop something and trim or cut it but it is extremely meticulous. Is there another way?


Make sure there is a input channel selected in the inspector, when no active input is selected, the recording and monitoring will grey out.

For looping, you have to have sense of the loop measure and play it on a click or in my case I always have a support rhythm programmed with piano or chord tracks.Then record a few measures and mostly the middle measure will be a candidate to cut out and loop.

Make sure you can record stacked (Lanes enabled) and have the left and right locators set and looping on.
Then record several takes and choose the one you like to loop.

Hopefully others chime in and give their take on it.

ohhh thank you so much! I have no idea how it got that way but know i know how to fix it if so, thank you again, huge help.