Beginner hardware setup question

Im thinking about using sonar on my laptop i have a question about the mimumu hardware i need.
i want to be able to record my guitar and vocals and i’d like to option to use a midi keyboard as well.

can i do what i want with just my laptop, sonar, and a cheap usb audio/midi interface? (i’ve seen them in magazines for around 100 quid)

my laptop just has a bog standard soundcard so does using the usb interface circumvent that?

Yes on both questions. A cheap audio interface will get you started.
Make sure it has a High-Z input so you can plug in your guitar directly (if you’re micing a guitar amp you don’t need High-Z), and phantom power to power a condenser microphone. You don’t say what kind of microphone you have, but for vocals you’ll probably want a condenser mic. (if not now, then later down the line :wink:)