beginner help allen morgan vol 1

ok so I cant seem to find out how to open the drum app in cubase. also i cant get my bass station to play. it will pull up in a track but wont play. I have no idea what Im doing and cant find any help.

By “drum app” I assume you mean Groove Agent 1 (the “built-in” Cubase drum VSTi)?

It’s an “instrument” - right click for “Add Track”, choose “Instrument Track”, and choose “Groove Agent One” as the instrument.

Getting the Allen Morgan stuff to show up in there may be more involved for you - read up on “Media Bay” in the user manual pdf.

sorry i wasnt near descriptive as i shouldve been. i purchased the signature drums volume 1. i can find it in my media bay but i dont quite understand what to do next. another problem is that i cant get any of my instrument tracks to play. i set them on all midi inputs and turn the monitor on and have the virtual keyboard on and have the drum map on gm map but get no response when i play the keys. that goes with all instrument tracks.