this computer fast enough for LE?

Hello there,

I plan to start using Cuebase LE to record and edit vocal tracks to existing backing tracks I load in. I am an absolute beginner, not even sure what version of Cuebase LE to purchase. However, I’ve recorded with stand-alone systems for a long time.

First…to cover a computer crisis I purchased a brand-new HP 19-2304 all-in-one while my main HP laptop was down. To say I’m underwhelmed by the HP 19 even for everyday browsing is an understatement…but it was on sale. Pretty basic, horribly slow and I can’t wait for my HP Envy to be back up and running. I can’t really recommend the HP 19 to anyone, it’s the worst new computing product I’ve ever seen, but I have it and soon it will be a spare.

My thought: can I perhaps use this HP19-2304 a stand-alone Cubase computer? It has a dual-core AMD E1-6010 1.35 GHz chipset. Here’s a link to the specs:

I will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, or I can leave 8.1 on this thing I suppose.

In either case is the HP 19 adequate for the basic stuff I want to use Cubase for? And if so, what version is recommended? Again, loading in some backing tracks and recording/editing vocals with Cubase…maybe two recording inputs max?

Looking forward to any advice or opinons on this. Thanks!

Aw man…nobody???

I’ll offer a few ideas/suggestions:

  • Here is the link to the official system requirements. If it meets these then you are good to go. If not,… I guess you would be taking a chance for things not working properly or (more likely) not as fast. My current PC was purchased from Costco in 2006. Nothing really special. Since then though I upgraded the ram from 4 to 8gb and the graphics card. Why? I don’t know why as Cubase was working good without the upgrades.

  • Suggest that you try a trial version of Cubase and check it out before you purchase. :wink:

  • I used an LE version for years and it served me well. Just be aware that the lower versions have limited features. For me the LE version was sufficent except for the limited amount of .mp3 exports you could do. Steinberg sells a patch for that though (which I purchased back then for $15.00).

Regards :sunglasses:

Well thank you!

This computer satisfies those minimum requirements. I did upgrade to 8GB…as an aside, NOBODY at HP could figure out the part number for the two 8GB ram cards that would bring this computer to its 16GB max. Incredible, and an hour or two I can never get back. The upgrade to 8GB sure helps…but this AMD processor is not top notch. Oh well.

So is the trial version of Cubase generic, or do you just get the LE version of the latest release?

Thanks again!

All I know is that the trail is a version of Cubase Elements 8.

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