BEGINNER- metronome setup


OK so every time I change the metronome pattern ex(4/4… 2/4) in clicks… it tends to stick that way through the song when i really just want to use it to use it at that time. Can anyone help me undo this so i can just play with metronome to the setting i want and than put it back with ought all the changes.

I’m not understanding what you want to do. If you want to change it then you have to change something, surely. How else can it work?

If I understand you I think you want to have the time signature change in your project.

The time signature and tempo can be controlled by the transport in two ways.
In fixed mode when what ever you set stays for the whole project or. .
In track mode. In this mode you can change tempos and time signatures by entering the new tempos and time signatures to the tempo track.

To access the tempo track hit Control-T.


Use the Draw (Pencil) tool to Add a new Tempo or Signature event in the tempo track or Tempo Editor. The Metronome will follow the changes.

these were all very helpful! thank you for understanding my dumb down explanation!