BEGINNER - Please provide simplest possible instructions to record a midi track into Cubase AI


Have spent roughly 10 hrs trying to connect my new Yamaha MODX to it’s supposedly seamlessly automated DW pgm Cubase AI. I Have figured out how to record /export/import audio files and tracks but CANNOT record a simple single MIDI track. I am using a FOCUSRIGHT SCARLETT 2I4 w/ a WIN10 PC. I have the USB channel connected and have BOTH IN/OUT 5 pin midi cables attached. WIN 10 device mgr is telling me the MODX CANNOT be started (code 10). I have upgraded the MODX op system to 1.10. I Remember using my early 190’s Kawai K4 and Cakewalk 3.0 with ZERO problems. I have set Midi rec on DAW per a youtube video and NOTHING is being recorded on the midi track. WHY??? I cannot find any more midi related settings to try. PLEASE HELP. Tell me how to make a single midi track and have it record into the CUBASE AI daw.

Hi, fellow beginner here, unfortunately I’m not in front of my DAW and I don’t use a lot of midi, so doing this by memory, but once you create your midi track, you usually have to use the pencil/pen to draw an event in the track, have you tried this? Then you can open the editor.