Beginner - pls help!

I hope you can help. I am a reflexologist wanting to create my own meditations for my clients during their sessions. A guy I used to work with has recommeded Cubase7 which I downloaded in full yesterday expecting to be able to work with it intuitively like I do windows or something.
However, I guess I’m not that intuitive after all!
I need to pull in meditation music that I have already on my computer and repeat this to the end of an hour and then record me speaking over the top of this.
Would someone please give me an idiots guide on how to do this as I have no clue. The software looks amazing and I’m sure once I get started I’ll be doing all sorts of clever things but at the minute I just need a click a, press b etc - sorry to be a pain, hope someone out there can help me as the online videos on YouTube don’t make such sense to a complete beginner like me…

If the YouTube vids don’t make such sense to you, then you’d be hard pressed to get useful help form an explantion on this forum. Alas, here goes.

I need to pull in meditation music that I have already on my computer

Ctrl + N for a new, empty project
File > Import Audio File > browse to the dir. that holds the audio file(s) you want > select the file and click OPEN (or dbl-click the file)
In Cubase, select the file (the event) and r-click > functions > duplicate. Do this as many times as necessary until you have one hour’s worth of material. To help with duration, you can add a ruler track (from the project menu). Then, click on where it says bars & beats and select seconds. This will tell you how long your music is running for (that is one way).
Next, add an audio track. This is where your v.o. will go. Hook up your mic to your mic pre, and then plug your mic pre into your sound card.

If you need further help, might I humbly suggest having a look at the manual, or maybe better yet, the getting started guide.


By the sound of it, your friend has done you no favours. Cubase is professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software and is overkill for your needs.
I suggest you download Audacity,, which will do everything that you require, for free.

Thanks Maincat, I downloaded that and you’re right, I can actually work out what I should do on it - great help, thanks again. Also really appreciate you going to the trouble of detailing what I should do Jeff.

Absolutely true. Using Cubase for that is the proverbial trying to crack a nut open with a sledgehammer.

(now that you have found the means to do what you require, I suggest you tell the guy who gave you that advice, to come in for a meditation session with you, then charge him a fortune for it :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Anyways, who knows, you might eventually get some pleasure out of Cubase, just for its own sake :slight_smile:.