Beginner question about expression maps - help needed

I am trying to create an expression map for a timpani instrument from Virtual Drumline.

I have watched the expression map video made back when version 3.5 was being released. I tried looking in the forum, but all of the posts I read were either way over my head (terminology I don’t understand) or seemed to discuss other issues that seemed different from mine.

The differing techniques/sounds pertaining to the timpani are controlled through CC1 (the mod-wheel). The different techniques and values are below:

Regular Strokes - (CC1) 0-32
Muffled - (CC1) 33-64
Center of head - (CC1) 65-96
Roll (Tremolo) - (CC1) 97-127

To create the expression map, I open the expression map editor, and create an add-on for tremolo, and set CC1 value of 127, to trigger the appropriate technique.

This is a ‘simple’ expression map, as I am just trying to get the roll (tremolo) technique to work. I assign the expression map to the timpani. When I press play, I do not hear the appropriate technique (roll) being played on notes with tremolos. I hear what sounds like Dorico playing 32nd notes on the timpani.

I am trying to learn this on my own, and up to this point I feel like I have done everything correctly. However, it’s not working and therefore I feel like I might be doing something wrong.

When looking at the technique lane in play mode, I still see the word natural under the notes with tremolos.

Any help is appreciated, but please remember I know very little about this kind of stuff and might not know or understand all of the terminology.


Good Morning Robbie (Its morning here anyway)

I don’t use add-ons typically in a situation like this, because you aren’t ever going to want to combine tremolo and pizz or legato or whatever you know? I’m sure there is a nuance I’m missing, but as a base switch there is one less thing to go wrong.

But I think it may have to with which of the various tremolo notations options you are using in your score. The single note with one or two slash lines // doesn’t trigger the Tremolo playback technique for me. (for example) But the single note with three or more does.

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Dorico treats ‘measured’ tremolos as just sub-divided notes. Unmeasured tremolos will trigger the tremolo technique.

There are settings in Playback Options about how tremolos are triggered. This will apply to all instruments, of course.

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OK, I think I understand.

It seems like I was on the correct path for my thought process. However, @benwiggy your answer solved problem. I needed to use the unmeasured tremolo (which I have set to 4 strokes).

@gdball I did use your suggestion and change it to a base switch. And after reading what @benwiggy wrote, and making the change, I can see that you were stating something similar as well.

Thanks for the WONDERFUL help. I am so new to this playback side of things. I have put off learning any of it for YEARS, and finally thought it was worth taking the plunge.

Thanks again!