Beginner question: copying a few measures in to new flow

Hi folks,
Forgive my newbie question:

I have a full score in one flow. I am wanting to create a second flow that is only one of the instruments and only four specific measures of that part. Basically, I’m trying to show that section as a musical example that will be surrounded by a lot of text. How do I create that new flow with only those four measures? Thanks!

Here is the way I did it. I’d like to know if this is the “best” way:
I created a duplicate flow of the full score and then I unchecked each of the players except the one that I want. I then highlighted everything except the four measured and deleted the notes. I then did “trim flow” to delete the blank measures.

That’s about the perfect way to do it, I guess. I’d have done it the same way.

An alternative approach would be to place a music frame wherever on the page you want this few bars, then set the filter so it shows the (original) flow and instrument. Then add a frame break at the end of the four bars and resize the frame to fit.
With this method, if the original bars are updated this four-bar section will also update.