Beginner Question regarding Project Pools


I started working in the recording studio at a community center a couple months ago. The studio uses Cubase 7.5 on a PC with Windows 10. There is a smaller C drive and a larger D drive. I noticed after a while that the C drive was getting close to full, so I backed up every session I had started and started working from folders on the D drive. I thought this would then save any new project files to these destinations. I noticed recently that the C drive is even closer to being full now, and then discovered in the Pool that the destination for the Project Folder is still on the C drive (in a project that I started and saved right away on the D drive).

My questions:

  1. How do I change this Project Folder destination so all the audio files start saving to the D drive, and also move every old file there too?
  2. Are there a ton of unused audio files in the folder that I can delete? If so how?

I’ve read through some discussion on this but I’m totally confused. I’m good with recording but a novice with computers.

The audio files should be in the same folder as your project file in a folder called audio.
You should check that, there’s a lot of menu’s that may be able to change that.
Every project should have its own folder.

You can just delete the files in windows explorer if you’re sure you don’t need them or you back them up. Then if a project wanted a file you could point it to it.

I try and clean up as I go, so if I have 20 takes for a comp track I delete them all after the comp is created.
You might move the windows page file to a different drive (and make it smaller).
Also check to see what’s hogging all the space, could be other apps or windows.

Have a closer look at the project assistant you can define the project save path there.

Ok, I finally noticed the tabs on the Steinberg Hub screen that allow you to “prompt for project location.” It had been saving to that default location on the C drive up until I just changed it.

So, just to be clear, if I copy the folder of the old destination of the C drive, and paste it on the D drive, then delete the one on the C drive, each project using those files will prompt me to find the missing files? I just want to be sure before I delete the old one

If all your projects are in one folder you have a mess.

I would drag copy the folder to another drive, too big of a job for paste.

It would run there just like it does on C drive because it would copy the audio folder also.

If you want to move projects out of there to separate folders you could open them one by one and save to new location and it should make a new copy of the audio files. Then delete everything on the c drive, after everything is copied and working.