Beginner: Use Cubase for beats production

Hi everbody,

I have been experimenting in my sparetime producing music and beats.
Primarily, I have been using Fruity Loops / FL Studio, but recently I have been looking to expand my “toolbox” and I have been looking into Ableton and Cubase.

Therefore, I created and account here to learn more about Cubase.

Anybody using Cubase for beats/hiphop/chill/lounge? And are there any recommendations of tutorials available for absolutely beginners?

Sorry, if I am posting a too newb question :see_no_evil:

The best way to learn is to install the demo and try it out. Also, there are many factors that play a role in picking your DAW. If you want to use a lot of VSTi like Battery for drums and synths like DIVA, Korg MS20, or others then a lot of the stuff will already be the same in each DAW. So then it comes down to midi editor, mixer, sequencer, and GUI.

so my advice is to try it out, if you get stuck google it or try youtube to find out how it is done. Most of the time there is help to find :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply @glennloopez ! :raised_hands:
I am trying out the demo and I will definitely take a look at the various solutions you have mentioned.

I will also check out good ol’ Google and Youtube :wink:

Check out Ian Kirpatricks Twitch Streams: Cloudology

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Thanks a lot, @LoveGames! :pray:t3:
His channel looks awesome.
Just signed up to follow (and maybe others!). I really think I can learn something here!