beginners blues

Hi, I recently made the jump to Cubase 5. I have been using Propellerhead Record/Reason for several years. Using the Prophead products is so damn easy in comparison to Cubase. I am having a hard time figuring things out. The manuals and PDF stuff are not very “user friendly” to me.

Can people here offer some good tutorial sites,videos, or even books that take a real basic approach to getting up to speed and gaining a simple working understanding of Cubase 5 ?

And, if you know of any links to these two issues, I’d appreciate it!

  1. CI2+ Audio interface doesn’t seem to be communicating fully with Cubase 5. In particular, the “AI” indicator light does not come on.
  2. When I try to rewire either Reason or Record to Cubase 5 it doesn’t work. I start Cubase 5 first, and I do what the manual says to do, but when I try and start one of the Prophead Programs, it won’t start and says the “rewire host” is probably the problem.

thanks, jamsa

it’s Matthew Loel T. Hepworth’s tutorial and you can view it on an ipad. Excellent instructional using cubase 5. : bundle of 4 DVD’s with 143 tutorials, not cheap, but if you hurry up: big christmas sale ending january 3 rd ($108 instead of $180). Boxed or downloadable, including for each tutorial a cubase project file. Each DVD available seperatly ($30 instead of $50 until jan 3rd).

Demo tutorials available on the site.

Only minus: tutorials are made for C5, interface has changed a bit since C5.5.x