Beginners question: how to setup scales in elements 8?

In artist 5 I used to be able to add a midi insert that would allow me to choose my scale, but in elements 8 it’s gone. How do I assign a scale to an instrument that limits the keys I can use?

Edit* Inspector > “Midi Modifiers” > Scale (…Arabic, gypsy etc…) was the insert I used to use.


I Dan see this MIDI Modifiers MIDI Insert in Cubase Pro 8, and I can set the Scale. But there are no MIDI Inserts in Cubase Elements. You should upgrade to Cubase Artist to get this feature.

I don’t know why Steinberg think this is a non essential feature. I could forgive them when i found out side chaining was omitted but scales are kinda important to music. Not impressed. Is there a third party plugin that could help?

They didn’t omit it. You can find it in the Key Editor. But as an editing function.

It is, after all, called Elements (of Cubase) and not Essential (Elements of Cubase) :wink: