Beginners question on UR 44C [SOLVED]


please forgive me this simple question, but the search functionality seems to be limited here and I could not find the answer in the manual. (No offence, probably a problem on my side :wink: )

I have my new UR44C attached to Windows 10 computer via USB. Then I have a phantom powered mic connected to the UR and the UR master output is connected to my monitor loudspeaker.
Is there a way to configure the dspMix app (without any other external application) such that the mic recording is going through the REV-X Room effect, but not inserted into the line out while I hear at the same time the output from my Windows system on the line out. Or in other words how to configure it so that I can record my voice and hear in parallel the output of my system, but I do not want to hear my own voice on the monitor loudspeaker.

Many thanks in advance and best regards,

Hi Felix,
WIth what program do you record then? that would help. The 44 has two mixes.

I tried something: first of all I do not know what you mean by “recording” your voice without any application?
But what you do need is the second pair of outputs f.e. Line out 1/2.
The main out is for your monitors so I read, and on those you do not want to hear your voice if I’m correct.

Try this then: set Mix 1 to only hear the DAW(=WIndows sound), so in here you mute the MIc channel. That is your “monitor-mix”. Also set this to Phones 1 if you are using headphones.

Then mix 2, the Recording-mix:
Here you set the level for your Micinput + add Reverb. Also you mute the DAW channel. Send this MIX2 to Line ouput 1/2 and phones 2 if you are using headphones. So make the recording from line out 1/2, but again, I don’t know how/with what you want to record.
Using Cubase this all is very easy offcourse.


many thanks!

Muting Mix 1 solved the issue for me.

Best regards, Felix

If only everything would be that simple hey.