Beginner's question: Why does Midi Recording not work?

the last time I did Midi Recording was in the Nineties with Voyetra Orchestrator, quite some time ago. Now I’m eager to do more recordings again and I’m looking forward to all the VST possibilities there are. So I bought Cubase Elements 7, but until now I never could record anything.

Does anyone of you have an idea what’s wrong or where I need to check something?

My Midi Signal comes from a Piano, that’s connected to my Notebook via a USB Midi Adapter.
It’s plugged in correctly as the Adapter shows with one light on that it’s plugged in and with
the other light going on and off that it receives a Midi signal.

When I first plugged the USB adapter in Windows 7 automatically detected it and said it’s okay
and ready to use.

In Cubase Elements 7 I was able to chose it as Imput Source for a Piano Track.
However, when I try to record nothing is recorded. Of course the record ability is
switched on for the track and when I record something with the keyboard of my laptop
it works fine, but of course I need to be able to record from a Piano.

Where is the problem?
General problem in Cubase? I don’t think so, other types of recordings work fine as mentioned above?
Problem with the Adapter? Don’t think so, the lamp tells me it receives something when I play on the piano.
Problem with the adapter driver? Don’t think so. Windows told me it’s installed correctly and Cubase lets me chose it as an input source.

Where else can I look for the solution? Any idea?

Thanks for all ideas

Try Use System Timestamp.

Hi Imbabura,

please check on Cubase’s preferences under MIDI, that MIDI Thru is active and under MIDI Filter / Record, that “Note” isn’t active.


Are you sure that keyboard is transmitting midi notes?

Check to ensure that the MIDI channel for the piano device is the same as the channel for your MIDI track. I had the same problem for a while.