Beginning with Dorico

Hi there

I am new to Dorico (been using it about two hours) but am already having difficulty with the basics of entering notes. I have read all the help documentation, and I looked for videos on basic note input but couldn’t find anything aimed at absolute beginners.

Could you please direct me to some info on the basics of entering notes? I know it’s a lame question, but I need help!

Thanks, Mark

Have you read Dan Kreider’s guide, here?'s%20Guide%20to%20Dorico.pdf?dl=0

And this is a great video playlist to start you on note input:

What software are you coming from (assuming you’re converting from something else)? That’ll help you pinpoint the differences in UI, which are usually the reason for the initial difficulty.

There’s a Note Entry tutorial worksheet here:

Also, do take a look at the sticky thread right at the top of the forum, which is full of information designed to help beginning users. It’s here.

Thanks benwiggy, that was very helpful. What’s the difference between standard mode and input mode? It seems you can add notes without being in input mode. What’s that all about?

Input mode is generally where you input notes, according to the position of the caret on the rhythmic grid. I’d recommend watching those YouTube tutorials for a clear explanation.

Yes, you can enter notes with the mouse, but I really prefer to avoid that method. YMMV.

There is an option in Preferences (in the Edit menu) to enable or disable note entry with the mouse.

The quickest way to do (almost) everything is with keyboard shortcuts, but while you are still learning those you will need to use the mouse for a lot of things other than note entry, and accidentally entering notes when you were trying to do something else can be a pain. Switching the option off is a good idea, IMO.

There are also a few situations where it’s difficult to enter a note at the position you want using the mouse, unless you do something else first which isn’t necessary for other methods of note entry.

Clicking notes into the score with the mouse is a way to get started with Dorico, but IMO it’s bad idea to stick with using only that option for ever.