Behavior of Mute Tool Selection

When I select multiple parts with the mute tool, it mutes all the selected parts except the one part I clicked on, then I have to click on it a second time. Would be nice if I didn’t need that second click. I want to select multiple parts with the mute tool and mute all of them with one click. Is there some reason it doesn’t work like that?

To mute multiple parts you lasso the parts you want to mute. If you want to mute one part you click on the individual part. Works like that here. I can’t really make out what you mean by

Using the mute tool “X” select multiple parts. Then click on one of the parts. Every one of the selected parts will be muted except the one you clicked on. Then it is possible to make them all muted but that takes an additional click. They ought to all be muted. It should consider multiple selected parts as one selection and act the same on all of them.

I don’t see how I can make it any more clear than that.

That’s not how it’s designed to be used, according to the manual. See above. Also I could not reproduce what you describe, sorry.

Exactly. It is designed wrong. That is my point.

Here is a link to a video of it. You can see that it mutes all the parts but one. I hate having to explain things to the same person all the time.


Cubedaw, I watched the video you linked to, and though the mouse cursor is not visible, This is what I understood, in a step-by-step repro format:

  1. Select the mute tool

  2. lasso the parts

  3. click on one of the parts (the earliest in the timeline).

Is that correct?

It doesn’t matter what part. It works the same no matter what part you click. I click twice on that one to make all of them muted. The extra click is bothersome.

It would appear that after you have lassoed the MIDI parts with the mute tool thus muting them- clicking on one of the parts then unmutes it.

Check out this gif animation where I do steps 1 and 2 from my repro above, and then, instead of clicking on one of the parts, I click in empty space to deselect the parts. (using the command ‘Select None’ would also work, of course)

I understand where cubedaw is coming from…

When there are a lot of events to be muted , and limited “freespace” to start the lasso action, one needs to start the mute process on an event instead of next to it, thus leaving the firstly selected event unmuted. Sure, there are always workarounds, but i think optimizing cubase wherever we can should be considered in every update cycle…


In the end, we all care and want to make cubase the best it can be- out of the perspective of the active musicians workflow…

I apologize. That was not clear to me that it was already muted because selecting it darkens it rather than the normal light-gray color of a muted part. I realize they have to indicate that it is muted.