Behavior of "Repeat Item"

Is there any way to tweak the behavior of the repeat item command (R) to make it more like sibelius? In particular, I’d like to have it take the pitch(s) from the previous entry, but the duration, accents, etc as currently toggled. This would make it much less annoying to enter typical repeated chord patterns like accented quarter / 8th / 8th.

No, it can’t be changed. You can use a function like Lock Duration, but that’s the opposite of what you want, I think.

You could turn on insert mode and change the rhythmic duration of the selected pitches one at a time (or in groups) by pressing the corresponding number.

Of course, nearly any available function can be mapped to any desired key command.

Could you explain a bit more what you’re wanting to achieve? There may be an easier way, but I’m not exactly clear on what you’re wanting to do.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid…

I don’t really understand why it functions the way it does… the way it works in Sibelius is really much more user friendly. I’m starting to come around to Dorico after repeated attempts over the years, but many things are still so click/key intensive it’s just obnoxious. (Another personal bugbear: triplets… I wish that ; would just default to 3:2 and only invoke the popover with, say, Ctrl+;). I mean - they’re little things - but it can feel a bit like death by 1000 cuts.

Click intensive? You’re doing it wrong then. Dorico is the opposite of “click intensive”! It’s basically all achievable on the keyboard.

Explain more what you’re wanting and maybe we can help.

; generally does default to 3:2… FWIW. Semicolon, Enter.

I thought I explained it in the first post. In Sibelius R repeats the pervious note/chord but with the "current’ duration and articulations.

So, to create a 4-8-8 pattern it’s just 4 - 3 r r. No mouse activity at all.

Your proposed Dorico solution I have to go back and edit the durations.

Doesn’t seem to work in input mode? The popover is always empty. It works if I click on an existing note. (But again…clicky…I’d prefer my note entry work flow didn’t involve going back after entering pitches to click on stuff to edit it.)

Another general example: Adding intervals. In Sib, this is a one key operation (or 2 if using shift+interval to add an interval below).

In Dorico the same involves a minimum of 4 key presses (shift+i + interval + enter)

I’ve mapped the interval popover to Q. Q, 3, enter. Or Q, -4, enter.

Yes, it’s different from Sibelius and Finale. There are a couple things I miss from Finale. But Dorico’s superior in so many ways, it’s not a contest.

You don’t have to go back and edit the durations. After you press R, the duplicated chord is selected. Then just hit the number to change the duration. Not in input mode.

Also, stop clicking! :wink: Use the keyboard for almost everything.

You can also lengthen or shorten the durations or selected notes by using Shift-Alt-left or right arrow.

Don’t evaluate Dorico by comparing it to Sibelius. Give its unique workflow a chance.

Huh? I’m confused as hell now. When I hit R, it adds the repeated item and then advances the caret. (Or if I’m in chord mode the caret stays in place but the note isn’t selected and I can’t change the duration).

Get out of note input mode. If you want to use R with modifications, it’s best to not be in note input mode.

Exit note input mode. Select the chord, press R, 8, R, etc.…

That’s what I’m talking about. That’s more commands. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to do my note input while remaining in input mode instead of toggling modes all the time.

OK, with respect, it sounds like you’re still comparing it to Sibelius, and deciding at the beginning that you don’t like the difference before you’ve given it a chance! :wink:

When I’m using R, I’m not continually toggling back and forth. In fact, R sometimes means I don’t even need note input mode.

Look, I understand the challenge. I used Finale for 20 years. Yes, it was an adjustment. Trust me, it’s worth the effort!

Well, again, I’m just confused. According to you, without toggling you can’t change the duration. Ok, if I just want to make 8th notes ad infinitum life is easy. I don’t think making a comparison is unfair when something is easy in one program and (seemingly by design) more difficult in another.

So you have a quarter note triad or other chord, and you want to duplicate it as 8ths?

Easy. Click on the chord to select it. Press R, 8, R. I don’t understand how that’s an imposition.

PS: I’m not trying to be obnoxious. I’m on this forum because I am deeply committed to Dorico’s methods and believe it’s truly superior. I’m happy to help. Learning it takes time, but Dorico has very few reverse converts for a reason.

It’s 2 more key presses and a forced mouse click more.

I mean, if it’s your position that this extra work is “acceptable” fine, but don’t try to tell me it’s just as good when it isn’t.

Dorico does a lot of things really well, and I’m glad it’s gotten this far, but note input is subpar.

One last plea to not use the mouse… use Enter and Esc.

Now i’m confused again. Your directions said “click the chord to select it”.