Behaviour of 8va bassa lines

Is there a way of stopping the entry of the term 8va bassa transposing the part that is under the line? For that matter, is there a simple way to add “optional” or “ad lib”?

This is a notation option, IIRC.
If you think about it, though, the idea of the ottava line is to avoid ledger lines, right?
So the software is doing the right thing. Either change the octave before or after adding the line. Or deactivate the option, though I’m not sure if this will also deactivate its playback effect.

@JanSteele ,
You could likely enter what appears as an 8ve (opt.) line with the line tool, and it would have no effect on the sound.

If it’s optional, I was going to suggest using a regular octave line and suppressing its playback. But that does not seem to work! Would have been useful …

It may be doing the right thing in the case you describe, but it’s also common in wind music (especially educational wind music) to offer an alternative 8ve to some very high or very low parts. So the original notation (in high leger lines) needs to be preserved as the ideal, with an 8ve lower as an option.

In this case, a line is preferable compared to a clef.

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