Behaviour of eq and pan-knobs

I don’t like it. The feel isn’t good. For an example of knobs that feel good to operate, try a midas pro -series digital mixer.

The thing that annoys me the most is that the resolution of the knobs change as I turn the knobs faster. This is hopefully a thing that can be changed in the software - is there an option to turn of that behaviour somewhere? Can it be requested for a later update?

Unpredictable resolution makes it hard to program smooth eq-automation - sometimes I like to use filters as a musical effect and I was hoping the cc121 would make that task more enjoyable. So far I’m disappointed.

Another annoying thing is that adjusting the gain of an EQ-band doesen’t automaticly turn that EQ-band on, I have to actually push the ON-button. This isn’t necessary when using the mouse in cubase, so please fix this in a future update :slight_smile:

Same thing applies to things I adjust with the AI knob - adjusting for example the hi pass filter on the channel strip only adjusts the frequency without turning on the filter. Again, different from doing it with the mouse in cubase where the filter automaticly activates.

Fader is fine :wink:

I hear you, the acceleration on the potmeters on the CC121 is my only real gripe with the CC121, I love it otherwise. It’s been requested since release and I think they tweaked it once in a patch which was an improvement but not enough. Make sure you are using the latest firmware and driver though.

Another thing, the AI-knob doesen’t work on the quantize pitch - function in vari audio

I’d like to lock the AI-knob to quantize pitch so that I can tune stuff faster. Doesen’t work. Booo

Anybody got a fix for the eq in the last 10 years?

I’m waiting too. But the hope is fading away.

Hardware support has always been…meh. Still hoping too. Love my 121 regardless.