Behaviour of time warp

I am working mostly as film composer, so I use time warp tool quite often. In general It works great and as expected, nevertheless there is one thing I cant understand.

Lets say at bar 70 i have bpm 130, but i need to have downbeat of bar 80 to be slightly later (lets say one 16th - not really important in this example). So i choose time warp tool, put a dot at bar 78, then grab the line of bar 80 and move it to desired position. Ok, everything is great, it works. The only downside is that cubase somehow automatically creates a new tempo not only from bar 78 till 80 (to compensate delay i needed), but also new tempo at bar 80. It is not huge difference mostly something like 129,989 (or 130,056 or something like this). Of course i can correct the tempo manualy in the inspector of tempo track, but my question is: why is this happening at all? Shouldnt cubase rather preserve the tempo from bar 80 at 130 bpm? Is there something in preferences i should check or uncheck?


can you make a screenshot of the issue?

Hi, here it is.
Snímek obrazovky 2023-07-23 v 9.55.45

I tried to reproduce it, but I can’t. I alwys get 120bpm straight.
PC, Cubase Pro 12.0.60.

I have tried to delete preferences, problem persists.

mac m1, running in native mode.