Behringer BCF2000 help

I wasn’t sure where to post my question so if this is not the right section I’m sorry.

I bought a BCF2000 so I could control my VST synths easier than with just the mouse(Native Instruments Reaktor, Kontakt, HaLion, etc). So I was able to set up the Mackie Control with the BCFView, with using the encoders(I’m sure you know what I mean).

However this isn’t good enough for me. What I want to be able to do is to control some of my faders with one of Reaktor’s or HaLion’s Rotary knobs but I can’t figure out how to program the faders. I am not criticizing anything - I’m just having difficulty setting up. I am totally new to controllers, although I’ve had my BCF2000 for quite sometime. I haven’t used it yet due to my difficulty in setting it up.

I used Behringer’s programming guide with the automatic learn(hold learn, move fader, move function in VST you want to control, etc etc you know how that goes), but I cannot figure any way how to get my BCF to control a certain rotary with my fader. I’ve tried everything(I’m in a USB connection), including Generic Remote, Different operating modes(I’ve tried U1-U4 and S1-S4), with and without BCFView. I have looked at Youtube videos and they’re either stuff I have tried or not help.

I told you that I used the programming guide from Behringer. I’m certain everything is set up, but when I went to select the control on Reaktor or other VST I want to “kontrol” :slight_smile: with the learn button, it would not do anything, it would just be as if I hadn’t done anything to it.

Oh, and I have updated my controller’s firmware and everything is the latest version. Still no luck.

My question: can anyone provide me a good beginner’s tutorial on programming the BCF controls so that I can use them in VST instruments?

Thank you!

You did not mention the words “Remote” or “Generic Remote”, so have you gone to devices and created a remote? That’s step one.

In the Devices dialog you hit the plus sign in the upper left to get a menu, select Mackie Control.

If you want to use the BCF without creating a remote for it as above, set the BCF to be a plain controller without Mackie emulation. You still will need to map some controls, maybe you can use Quick Controls to do so, but in any case a perusal of the Cubase manual will probably be needed.

(you do not say what platform you are on either. It would be helpful if you created a sig at )

Yes. I have tried Creating a Generic Remote. and it still didn’t help. The controller wouldn’t recognize my VST movement when I tried to assign one of my rotary knobs to my faders.

If the BCF is in Mackie emulation mode it won’t work as a generic controller.

Take it out of Mackie mode.

Tried it and still didn’t work. BCF still wouldn’t recognize or even attempt to try to assign the fader.

I forgot to mention that I tried setting up a VST instrument with a midi track but it still didn’t work.

It’s not the BCF that should recognize or assign the fader, it’s cubase that will recognize what the BCF sends.

Anyway, you have to troubleshoot, so load a Midi Monitor on an insert on a midi track and have a look at what the BCF is sending to Cubase.

This sounds dumb but how do I load a midi monitor into my midi track?

If you’re talking about the midi fader then it recognizes my controller so I doubt the problem relates to the connection.

If you had the patience to deal with the BCF setup, You will learn a ton.

Rather than trying to explain it here, go to page 353 in the manual. Learn about midi inserts, the Midi Monitor to be specific.

Do you have a general understanding or Midi channels and messages? You will need that. A Google search will turn up plenty.

The problem relates to how Cubase is setup to interpret the messages from the BCF.

Okay I feel so stupid right now. All I had to do was press the “Learn” button in the Device Setup, and then select the “Midi Learn” Button in Reaktor’s Options menu. I can’t believe it took me 6 months to figure it out and it was right there.

Anyway I was able to get my BCF to work and get Cubase to recognize.


steveinchicago, you were so helpful here, and patient. And then when it was all over the OP didn’t even say thanks. Nice. But I noticed. Happy Thanksgiving, steveinchicago! :wink:

mr.roos, it’s no biggie. I’m in good mood today!

Hey Ryder,

I’ve been having exactly the same issues as you! Would you mind going into more detail as to how exactly you managed to get the BCF2000 to control parameters within kontakt? I know how to setup the Behringer to control volume, pan and eq in Cubase but when I try the same with Kontakt (I was hoping for an easy Midi learn function) NOTHING happens.