Behringer BCF2000 midi remote

Some devices will ignore the LSB.

@Jochen_Trappe what about this issue with mOnProcessValueChange though?

Which ones? I’m confused!

Now you’re just messing with me, and not answering my question.

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please, stop using this not working “oldValue” thing. In which exmaple script did we put it? I’ll remove it asap!

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Unfortunately it’s in the code examples in the README

RealWorld line 50

Oh no :frowning:

HI everybody

i would like to follow up with bcf2000 midi remote script, i have one that i use to use as a mackie control, but i am not sure how to use it with this remote script? is it even continued in its development ?


@oqion Did Jochen or anyone ever officially stated what the deal with mOnProcessValueChange is? This issue has been reported in so many threads and I couldn’t find a concise answer.


There does not appear to be any difference that I can tell from the first version 12.0.0 to 12.0.2.

This callback will provide the last input from the device to Cubase, but it does so every time the value changes in Cubase. So if you change the value with the mouse, the callback will be called with the last value of the device.

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Not really. There was a detailed description on one thread. It depends on the window, where do you call it from and the exact parameter.

For example Pan from the MixConsole calls all values, from the Project window only the last one (if I remember the bug correct).

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@Martin.Jirsak , that was mOnDisplayTextChange that exhibited that behavior snd not mOnProcessValueChange.

mOnProcessValueChange is working correctly for me. At leasr so far.


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Oh, you are right, @Ron.Garrison, sorry. And thank you.

I would really like to try out your script for the BCF2000 and would happily report back. I’ve downloaded your file, but not being all that smart I’ll need some advice.

Here are the questions I have for starters.

  1. the file has a .midiremote extension. Do I need to change that to a .js extension?
  2. Do I copy this to the public folder in the midiremote_factory_scripts folder? ( I tried this, but got a message saying this was disallowed). Or do I use an import function in the MIDI remote area?
  3. What are the knobs, sliders, and buttons assigned to? Transport controls, quick controls?
  4. Is there a pdf available to download with a graphic that shows the mapping?
  5. Does the BCR2000 script work with the BCF2000?

Thank you for your help.


No. You can import the *.midiremote file directly to Cubase in the Mapping Assistant.

It doesn’t matter. You can import it from any folder.

You will see the assignment in Cubase.

No, these are different devices.