Behringer BCF2000 Set up with Cubase

Hello Folks, I am asking for some advice regarding setting up the BCF2000 with Cubase.

The method that support has emailed me was using the standard mackie control template that is found in cubase. The problem with this that I cannot really tell exactly what template I am using. I set up the Global setup to U-1, by pressing teh push eccoder 2 and then pressing hte on button. I was able to get the faders to working using the emulated bcf in the remote control “Mackie Control” set up. But I really don’t like that template, because I cannot access the different presets. Problem is that when I access the presets I cannot figure out how to set up my own presets. I got it to show P-1 thru ect. by pressing and holding Pencoder 1 + On button on the bcf, but can’t figure out how to set it up and these directions on the behringer and support is to slow so thought I ask if anyone knows how to set it up

I followed a pretty bad tutorial, and he talks about these P’s and T’s and R+s which I am not sure what they mean in terms of flags. I have the remote device set up to “Generic Device” because I think this is how I would set them up. Bcf support gave me this way on how to edit the values on the behringer but it doesn’t seem to work for me, cause I am getting confused on what all these buttons are doing. I have the template and I ma sure I am using template 2 when set up with mackie control set up and on global set up.

Midi status, midi channel, addrss, max value, flagsdevices, channel, value action. Trying to figure out what these all mean. All i want is to test CC7 for one of the faders. is that is what its meant by max value? 0-127? Trying to figure out what categories i need to worry about.

If anyone has access to a better template that i can just use and edit that would be great. I don’t like how this generic template for the mackie control, I understand volume, mute, pan, play pause, ff, rw, with the mackie set up but can’t figure out what these others do. when i go through encoders i just notice different lights light up and cant tell what the heck they are refering too in the first 3 control faders. The encoder groups when presssing learn and exit changes it from 104 to 204 to 304 i have no idea what the heck that means.

Any help would be greatlly appreciated. Would love to get this set up ASAP.

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