Behringer Bcr2000 with cubase 6, am I missing anything?

I didn’t some research, but I still missing sth…

I’m using the bcr2000 in generic mode, and I’m able to set which knob to control a particular plug function knob/parameter in particular track. However, in a practical world, I have different tracks with different plugs in different slot, if i map one knob to control certain plug parameter in one track, that knob wouldn’t be able to control even the same plug on different track?

I’m using Mac, how can I use that in mackie control mode?

Any input is appreciated .

You could do the following: Make “Selected” the target in Generic Remote Device Setup. (Lower pane, “Channel/Category” column)

Well, That doesn’t answer your question. You can find the Mackie in Cubase, hit the plus sign in the upper left corner of the Device Setup dialog.

Yes, i know Cubase support mackie control protocol, however Behringer BCR200 doesn’t natively does. The Mackie Control Emulation for BCR2000 in the wild only supports Windows and that is the problem…

I have used the BCF2000 in Mackie Mode. When the device was started up in that mode I used the Mackie Remote device in Cubase. (I believe I had to update the BCF firmware to 1.0.6 or 1.0.7).

I guess mine is BCR2000 not BCF2000.

Thanks for your reply anyway.

In addition to the standard B-CONTROL mode, since v1.06 there are four socalled ‘emulation modes’ for the BCF2000:

  • Mackie® Control Mapping for Steinberg®* Cubase* SX and Nuendo* [MC C]
  • Logic* Control Mapping for Emagic® Logic Audio* [LC]
  • Mackie® Control Mapping for Cakewalk®* Sonar* 3 [MCSo]
  • Mackie® Baby HUITM Mapping for various applications [bhuI], e.g. Digidesign®* Pro Tools*, Steinberg®* Cubase* SX/Nuendo* (easier setting than Mackie® Control Protocol)

How to switch the BCF 2000?
Push & hold the desired mode button (button under the 2nd knob, for MC mode)

  • Switch ON the BCF2000 and wait until the selected mode is indicated
    in the display

BCR should works too. Check this video.

Hi Martin,

I’ve try your method, it doesn’t work :frowning:

Have you double checked the mode in which the BCR is starting up (should be MC-C), and what is the firmware version on the device currently? (should be 1.06, as stated by Martin)

The BCR and BCF are the same except for the faders/pots being different.

That said, without LED strips on the BCR/BCF it’s gonna be hard to use it as an MC.

Have you looked at ?

Thanks guys.

I have try the mentioned method, however, i found that when i press the second left (MCC mode) button before start up, i can only see the firmware version( v1.10). Interestingly, if i push the most left (UC Mode) button, i can see the “UC” came up after the firmware version indicator.

The Problem tickle me is, i can’t do mixing with the controller with a normal track count project (around 40), i have to choose the “VST1-16” or whatever preset back and forth soooooo many times. I had a Mackie HUI before, whatever plugs pop up, I’m able to control it via the V-port without mapping anything, thats what i want the BCR2000 capable to do.

You can download the 1.0.6 firmware version from Behringer’s website I believe.

Try Behringer Support page. :wink:

Martin, he is already up to date.

I wonder if there’s something different about the 1.10 firmware regarding MC-C compared to 1.0.6?

I know I have set it to MC-C in 1.06.

Guy, tks for your input.

I’ve confirmed BCR2000 is NOT BCF2000 and the BCR2000 not support the native emulation.

However, I decided to try the method here:

It seems working nice now, although you need to pay for the permanent usage of the LC Xview (around 20euro), all the v-ports are working, finally.


LC Xview/Xmu is what I linked you to in the above quote.

Glad you got it going.


a little bit late but here it is:
and it works Perfect

You need to upgrade to the latest firmware, first. Then read the following: