These look mighty interesting .

Anyone have any info regarding real world useage with Guitar rig etc? (Driver performance & latencies ?)

I dont play the guitar as such,but are these “acceptable” to use to a “seasoned” guitarist? :laughing: I cant lay my hands on a unit b4 buying.

What the lowdown peeps? Good,great, or Naff?.

Guitarists are a strange breed, you won’t find many that would buy one of these blindly, we like hands on, exclusively :sunglasses: Mind you, for the price, one or two may gamble…

I hear ya!..but the thing that grabs me (I reiterate I’m not a guitarist by any means…I mainly record em!…is that by all accounts it looks, feels, and strings up like a real guitar, because it is one…(A real guitar,albeit not an expensive one…and by reasoning isnt it not the tone of the guitar that is the main aspect of a guitar?..Im being speculative, and not condescending looks,as important…but It LOOKS like a real guitar, and by Behringers latest offerings the quality will be really decent …(yes they do make crap stuff,but they have got a lot better recently…!,…

I envisage firing this (via a G2M Sonuus iusb)…with the converted midi into my Sonivox Guitar DVi’s, *Les Paul /Rickenbacker 12/ Taylor etc) then into Guitar Rig 5. with the direct audio signal ,just going straight into GRig (Best of both worlds …In my humble opinion these would be spot on if the drivers can operate at low enough latencies.(and they have a 64bit driver available…and at the price, whats not to like…??? :smiley:

All that for £84… Hmm

Thats the thing with Behringer, they entice you in with bells and whistles and a few flashing lights and that :laughing:

Thats it in a nutshell, it must have an audio interface built in.

yup, thats the handy point, …every decent Audio Interface & Preamp I own is all rackmounted = (banned from the House! …guitar + usb + laptop = plinking on the couch with headphones on envisaging my poor playing finally ending up like Hendrix! and If it doesnt, I’ll just put it down to Guitar Rigs fault! :laughing:

You’ll be forced to use asio4all as well, because the USB guitar will act like an audio interface and Cubase can handle only 1 interface at a time. The only driver allowing more than 1 is asio4all, so if you want to play and listen to your playing at the same time you’ll need that. If you’re using a laptop with onboard sound it’s no issue though, things will probably improve when using asio4all :wink:

On the guitar there is a headphone output for monitoring and it comes with it’s own ASIO drivers 32 and 64 bit.

Still, just how good an £80 guitar would be is anybody’s guess!