Behringer MS1 integration to Cubase 10

Hi there
Have just purchased a Behringer MS1 and want to integrate it with my Cubase 10 Pro.
I have an M-Audio mtrack 2x2m audio interface,
Also an M-Audio oxygen25 master keyboard.
The Oxygen25 keyboard is connected via the USB connector to the computer.
The Behringer MS1 is connected to the Mtrack 2x2m via the midi out from the mtrack to the midi in on the MS1.
What I want to do is play the MS1 from the oxygen25 master keyboard and also sync the MS1 so that when I press start on Cubase, the sequencer on the MS1 also starts.
How do I achieve this, any help will be much appreciated.

Windows 10
Cubase Pro 10
Intel based PC 32gb

I did some research and found out that a lot of people where saying that there midi in was not working on the MS1, that there is some firmware update that you need to be able to do. Anyone know anymore about this?