Behringer PM-16 system + Cubase

So I’ve invested ina Behringer PM-16 headphone mixing system for my studio. If your unfamilair is feeds artists 16 channels of audio (16 mono, 8 stereo) and then can create their own mix at their listening locations. But it seems with the Control Room I can only feed 4 Stereo Cues. This is very limiting. I’m basically losing 50% of the capability of the system. I’m sure someone has used this combination before. 1) Any chance of Steinberg ever increasing the # of Cues to 8, 2) other workarounds? My goals in purchasing the system was to feed 7 stereo pairs (Lead Vox, Backing Vox, Bass, Drum, Lead Synth, Pad Synth) and 2 mono signals (Click, Talkback). I’m contemplating selling it, and just getting a 4 place headphone amplifier at this point, but that means the musicians aren’t in control of their mixes I am.

I realized I was thinking about this wrong. Cues allow me to build mixes for artists. To achive the result I’m looking for I just need to use sends to outputs that feed the PM16 system, and the artist can build their own mix from those sends. Now all I need to do is figure out how to send click and talkback and this might be where a Control Room Cue comes in useful.

You should set up one cue send with talkback and click, maybe talkback left and click right, then you have it available on the PM16. And you can do a mix with another cue send to have a basic setup.
Additionally, you can build groups and can send the group out to the PM 16 to save channels.