Behringer X-touch extender mirrors the main unit (cascading problem)

Hello. My main X-Touch unit (A) works well without the extender (B).

When i add the Mackie protocol for the extender, hit apply and try to enjoy my setup, it is totally broken. When i move a fader on A the same exact fader moves on B and vice versa. When i try to change the fader bank on A, it just changes for both and the “mirroring” still keeps happening.

What is the problem? Unit B is wired correctly according to the manual. I am running both midi devices in Cubase mode.

Desperately need a fix ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


Did you setup 2 Mackie Devices in Cubase? Did you choose the right MIDI Input/Output for every single X-Touch device (i.e. other one for every single device), please?