Behringer X-Touch Mini (Mackie Control vs Standard Mode)

I’m a midi controller setup noob. What would be the best way to setup a Behringer X-Touch Mini? Should i use it with Mackie Control or Standard Mode? Can i switch different use cases: mixer and quick controls or is a single setup only for a single scenario?

Is it possible to get Midi feedback for the LED rings in Standard Mode with CC or does that only work in Mackie Control Mode?

Page 622 of the Operations Manual describes it best. use generic with Mackie HUI

Thank you.

The manual is not very helpful explaning the differences between Mackie Control, Mackie HUI, Generic Remote Device or no specific mode at all.

Do you mean i should setup as Generic Remote Device? With what mode selected on the device (Mackie or Standard)? i’d guess Standard Mode. Is Generic Remote able to feed values back the controllers led rings?

mackie control is limited to 4 faders knobs. mackie hui is expanded protocol. so use that one

devices>device setup…click the + sign at top left… add mackie HUI choose your behringer control or midi as
midi input/output at top of menu it should work
make sure you plugin and turn on the behringer before starting cubase if its connected via USB (it should be)
add some audio and midi tracks and have fun


X-Touch in mackie control mode and cubase/mackie HUI doesn’t seem to work. The cubase controller list shows only “Audition” and “Window/Alt” entries. With mackie control it works but looks like you can’t customize controller actions.

X-Touch in standard mode (all set to CC’s) and Cubase Generic Control seems to work better but time consuming to set up.