Behringer X-Touch One and generic remote control


I want to customize my X-Touch one actions in cubase via the generic remote control. I have a problem with my jogwheel. When I capture the midi data when I jog the jogwheel left or right, the data I get is:
Left: Value1 88, Value2 65
Right Value1 88, Value2 1

When I try to config the generic remote control I can choose Value1 (88), but I can’t choose value2. The outcome is that it doesn’t matter if I jog to the left or the right… How can I setup this in a right way?

There isn’t any equivalent of the value2 shown in the MIDI monitor plug-in, used as insert, as it just reports the value of a controller at a given time.

What is important is the maximal value that the controller can have which is, most of the time, 127. It is set in the first parameters list of the Generic remote definition, as Max.value, the Address being the actual CC number used. There is also a Learn function associated to this first list that can help.

After this, we have to set the flags. In example, I usually set non endless knobs as R,,,P (Receive + Pick-up) Setting endless knobs is another thing, as the NRPN messages recognition is broken since years… There is a partial workaround, but it’s complicated to set.

Thanks for your quick reply. The maximal value didn’t do the trick.
What is the partial work arround you mentioned?

As I don’t have an X-Touch at disposal, I can’t check it, but I have a doubt about the values that you reported using it : the 65 value on the left position isn’t a normal max value (it should be either 63 or 127). Same thing for the right one : it should have been 0…

Beside this, I just looked further the X-Touch documentation and I see nowhere a list of its MIDI implementation and the type of controls used. That’s an aspect of Behringer stuff I hate : the documentation is often useless.

So, I’m still wondering if the X-Touch jogwheel is an endless control or not. In the former case, and to make long things short, I can only point you to the last post of this thread I made a long time ago…

HTWH… :neutral_face:

Thanks Cubic13,

I found a work arround and this works fine for me. I’m using Bome’s midi Translator (Classic) together with loopmidi. Both is freeware

You also can your Bome’s midi translator Pro, but this is not for free. In this case you don’t need to install loopmidi.

Kr. Dave

Yep… I once or twice used these a long time ago and indeed, it’s another way of doing things. The problem I have with it is the need to have added applications in the background before launching the main host application : an added concern to take care of each time, in my view. So, I keep my own workaround, as it works as expected, using different MIDI channels.

Glad to see that you found a solution, though. :slightly_smiling_face: