Behringer X Touch One Controller Issue

I’m using the Behringer X Touch One (latest firmware 1.8) with Cubase 11 Pro and the controller works great until importing tracks (from a previous version); from then on several functions are corrupted:
channel/bank select, zoom functions, solo, mute and rec…
Using the X Touch One in another project gives no problems, again until I import tracks.
Disconnecting and reconnecting the controller or even restarting Cubase or the computer don’t help…
Any idea where this comes from or how to solve it?

-Try creating a track first then importing the track to it
-It’s opening an older (incompatible) version of the instance (vst/app/) to which you have to delete it/unregister it.
If it ONLY works as the older version then you could try opening the older project and saving it as a preset.

Make sure 1 isn’t 32bit and the other 64bit… etc…

Make sure you double check the controller settings within Cubase for messed up settings.

I checked out all your suggestions (1st creating track then importing / the instances are compatible / opening the older project in Cubase 11 and saving it before exporting and importing the track) all without the desired result.
On the X-Touch One the Channel section (select, mute, solo, rec and monitor functions won’t light up and won’t work) and the fader, pan and fader bank and channel up and down buttons don’t work. The rest is working fine. Thesse functions also don’t send a Midi message (checked by using Midi Monitor).

Unfortunatally the X-Touch One I couldn’t find an editor for the X-Touch One…

Any more ideas?