Behringer X-Touch One PAN pot

When using X-touch one in CUBASE, can I return the PAN to the center by pressing the rotary encoder?

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How is it integrated to Cubase on your side? Do you use MIDI Remote script or Mackie Control?

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I’m considering purchasing an X-touch.
Probably the Mackie Control protocol.


Mackie Control doesn’t have this feature. If you would use the MIDI Remote script, you (or anyone with basic JavaScript knowledge) can implement this feature easily. :wink:

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Thank you for your reply. understood.

Are you sure about MC not having this feature?
Because it actually is integratet as a feature in X-touch (I connot speak about X-touch One though).
The only thing you have to do first is pressing shift-pan to go to the Stereo Combined Panner Mode - there pressing the encoders will re-center the pan:

It’s a bummer that this function is not on the main page, as you would be faster if you want to reset the pan of multiple tracks.

In Reaper pressing the encoder seems to be always for centering the pan (also integrated as MC):