Behringer X-Touch One Remote

Perfect! I hope you’re able to incorporate this function in the script…

No, I haven’t asked him…

I checked the script. Pressing the master button will activate / assign the fader to the control room volume.


This will be fixed with my upcoming script in combination with Cubase 13 .


Thanks for the heads-up Maik.
Really appreciate the work you put in to this.

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Hello Maik, I just installed your script and I really have to thank you… It’s working perfectly.
A question:
What is the “Shift” button for? (I just got the device)…

With the shift button the “page” is switching and the fader and knob will become the AI knob instead of controlling volume and pan.

I’m experiencing a problem with these buttons: UNDO, REDO, WRITE, READ automation in the script. None of these four buttons are functioning correctly. Despite pressing them, there’s no action taken within Cubase, although there is a signal being received. Also, the MIDI remote mappings image doesn’t display any visual confirmation when I press these buttons, unlike the others.

Even when I assign another action to them, they still don’t work.

Initially, I suspected a hardware issue with my unit. However, when I tested it with another script, those buttons worked without any problems.

I’ve made changes to some buttons, but I haven’t altered those particular ones.

What could be the issue here?

Is the hardware running in MCU mode?
Because depending on the mode the buttons have different CC values.

Yes, it’s in MCU mode. I’m also in Cubase 13 pro, latest version…

I used the insert “midi monitor” on a midi track and those 4 buttons are being transmitted as: UNDO: A#3 REDO: B3 READ: D4 WRITE: D#4. Those are the only buttons reading as notes no CC. When I press any other button, the midi monitor doesn’t capture the messages sent, only those 4.

That is strange.

As I mentioned I am working on a new script.

Let’s try that when it will be released this month (hopefully).


Yes!! Thank you!

Excited to see your new script whenever it drops!