Behringer X-Touch: some buttons don't work in Cubase 9.5

I just got this thing, updated firmware to latest 1.15 and set it to Mackie Control/Cubase mode. Using this with Cubase 9.5 on Windows 10.

After trying to read the Steinberg manual, I’m still confused on how to make the non-working buttons work. Some of you who have this say that everything is working in Cubase. Did you have to program some of the buttons after setting it up with Cubase midi controller manager?

When I connected it through Device Manager>Mackie Control, the basic controls like transport/faders/pan rotary knobs, channel strip buttons/display etc… works.

What doesn’t work is:

Cycle button: I saw from a youtube video where Phil Gates, using Logic, was holding down the Cycle button and rotating the jog wheel to set the cycle region easily and also the Drop button was supposed to do the same thing. When I press the Cycle button it just toggles on/off the cycle region that I had to manually set with my mouse or keyboard shortcut. Is the cycle button supposed to work the same way as Mr. Gates was using it for Logic? In Remote Control device manager, how are you supposed to set the X-Touch up to do this in Cubase 9.5?

Marker: does nothing, no options to create a marker in the scribble strips. Just moves the play bar to the L locator for cycle region. How do I program this button to be able to create Markers?

Nudge: just moves play bar to R cycle locator. What is this button supposed to be used for in Cubase? What are you using this for? How do you set it up?

Drop: toggles drop in on/off but when I hold it down and turn jog wheel, the drop in record region doesn’t get created. Same problem with the Cycle button.

Replace: only thing it does is move the play bar to the left

Click: doesn’t turn metronome click on/off. Does nothing. I do see the MIDI meters register that MIDI is being transmitted when press the button (as well as all other buttons)

Solo: just brings play bar all the way to measure 1, nothing else

Is the X-Touch just not supposed to work 100% with cubase?
Do I need to set it up through generic remote and with XML midi mapping? Where can I find or get the XML file to import the Cubase midi mapping for the X-Touch?

Any help on how to get these functions working would greatly be appreciated.

Like I said, I tried to read and work with the manual, but I’m still confused.