Behringer X-Touch - When???

Anybody know what’s going on with this controller. Looks great. Priced right. Size seems ideal. Yet it seems to be in limbo. Any heads up would be appreciated.


I don’t know when, but,

it sure looks great, if it works well they might have winner. Tempting to say the least.

It keeps getting postponed: last year they were talking this spring, now it seems they’re setting their sights on fall.
I wonder what the holdup could be?

Maybe they got overextended after buying the TC group


Really when ?
presonus has nice new mixer like controller, but don’t know if its for third party daws or only for Studio one and their new “box” mixer line

although Nuagh Looks as a good product its too expensive for most users,i think a good mid range priced controller from Steiny/yamaha should be made.