behringer x32

Are they serious ?
It got more flashing light than a Christmas tree …

and the video makes me :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: , redesigned the faders from the ground up :laughing: :laughing: "it’s the best …period "

anyone using one ???

Yes. You can get lots of flashing lights (and features too) for your $/£/€, but IMO they should have traded some of the flashing lights for more rotary encoders in “channel strip” section. That’s where X32 looses the battle against competitors. And that’s an important thing: with X32 you need to press more buttons/go through more menus to get the function you need at your fingertips.

Haha. Gear like this is to hype naïve users into choosing gear with sex appeal over functionality. A more worthwhile method would be to lower the cost by withholding the light show. But I guess that’s what the other models are for. :astonished: