Behringer XR18 and UMC1820 together

Just though I’d post for those interested, I just received my UMC1820 today and I managed to get it to work with my XR18 via ASIO4ALL. I recorded 32 tracks (although I don’t have anything hooked up to the UMC1820 adat in yet) with midi in triggering Kontakt 5 at a 256 buffer (low latency). I recorded for about 2 hours 44.1 24 bit with no issues. Of course there’s no monitoring with the UMC1820 (except for software monitoring) but I might need it for recording when more channels are needed.
Preliminary tests are good! The UMC1820 USB driver seems just as good as the XR18 (which is great).

I know this is a long shot sinde it is 4 years since you posted this.
How exactly did you achieve this?
When I connect my XR18 through ASIO4ALL v. 2.14 I can only choose 2 ins and 2 outs? (My UMC1820 i/o’s show up fine)

Not sure, it’s been a while. Sometimes there are different choices for the drivers in ASIO4ALL for drivers.