Behringer XR18 & Cubasis 3

Completely new to multi tracking and of course Cubasis 3, I optimistically tried to audiobus a couple of live vocal lines in to C3 from the XR18. Signal lighting up the mix for both tracks but when I press record, just the spinning wheel of death in the media display on each track, and they would not go away until I captured and erased them. Gave up on recording and just went on with the rehearsal. I bought C3 because I believed Steinberg would be all over this stuff and be familiar with industry commoners like the XR. Is there an idiots guide to teaming these two together? Or…???

Hi Jonboy,

Thank you for your message.

Unofrtunately we’re not equipped with the Behringer XR18.
If possible, please reocord a short video clip that shows the problem, and share the download link via private message.


Hi Lars [Steinberg),
Sorry to say that your answer, of not Being equiped with a XR18, feels a bit stange for me.
I am sure Behringer will support you with that unit, if your intension is to prove that it works with Cubasis 3.
I think its a win win situation for both companies if it is clear for us (customers) that this combination works fine for multitrack recodings.
I am at this moment surfhing the internet to get a decend answer on that question.

I wanr to do multitrack live recordings of my band with an XR18 an Ipad air 2019 (i already own) and a DAW. My first choice would be Cubasis 3, but I am still not sure if this will work.

Regards Frank

Hi Frank,

Similar to other apps available on the market, Cubasis fully supports class compliant devices.

Here it’s required and up to the audio device manufacturer to make sure, to fulfil Apple’s class compliant standard.
Of course, we’re able to cooperate with Behringer, by providing them with Cubasis promo codes for testing purposes.

Please note that there is another XR18 topic in this forum, where the user successfully uses the XR18 with Cubasis:

Best wishes,

Hi Lars
Thanks for the fast answer.
I try to contact that other topic person.

Hi Lars,

Is it to expect that the Behringer support on Cabasis 2 will stop faster than on cubasis 3??


Hi Frank,

Cubasis 2 fully supports the use of class compliant devices.
We do not intend to drop this.


I bought Cubasis 3 today and connected the XR18 via the apple camera / usb connection kit 3.
I have an Ipad air 2019.
I tried multitrack recording with 16 tracks.

IT WORKS !!!,!

I used al factory settings, and had no problems!


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Hi Frankyfastfinger,

Thanks for your message, glad to read this.


Hallo Frankyfastfinger,

könntest du kurz beschreiben, wie du das gemacht hast? Routing 7nd so? Mir würde auch eine Quelle 8n ders beschrieben ist reichen.

Beste Grüße