Behringer XR18

Just installed Cubase 9.5 LE that came with my new Zoom H6.

Am I able to use it to record 18 tracks from my XR18? I am trying to set up the F4 input busses. I ask for 16 mono and it stops at 8 busses??

Thanks, Jim in Florida


It seems your Audio Device doesn’t have so many physical Inputs.

But when I go to Studio Setup and select thr X18 AISO driver I see all 18 inputs and all 18 outputs. It shows the first 8 inputs as Active.

Wondering if I need to upgrade. Wondering if LE has input buss limitations?

Thanks, Jim if Florida

Yes it does.
Try with 8 stereo buses. Should also work, but gives you at least 16 mono inputs.

Oh yes, you are right. Cubase Elements can work with 24 physical inputs only (Cubase Pro can handle 256 physical inputs). Cubase LE might have even less. But I wouldn’t say the limit is 8 inputs only.

If you can’t add a Bus, you reached the limit. If you can Add a bus, but no inputs are shown, then the limit is somewhere else.

OK, well, it would be nice if when I ask for 16 busses and it only gives 8–if it were to popup and tell me why–and tease me to upgrade.

Back to using Reaper to record 18 tracks.

Jim in Florida