Bem Vindo CUBASE 6 :-)

Hello Stein mates,

hope everybody are enjoying Europer´s summer. :slight_smile:

I just got my update copy of Cubase 6 and I would like to kown if I should install it on top of my Cubase 5.5 ? Even knowing it will create a new folder for C6.

I though to make a fresh installation, but I want to know if I will loose my sounds which came with Cubase 5 ?
What should I do to have the the " sound library " and "Sequel demo Sound " ?

That means, in the future, after to do a fresh installation of cubase 6 I have to install the sound which came together with C5 pack or it is already included with C6 ? I´m bit lost ! :wink: Dont want to waste those sounds.

Cheers from Brazil …


You can have multiple versions of Cubase installed simultaneously, so I’d suggest you just install Cubase 6 and figure out how to transfer all your sounds over to it, and only then get rid of 5.5.

Hi S,

That´s the point. :slight_smile:

After install C6 from the C6 Update pack, can I just insert the VST Sounds and Sequel Sounds Demo DVD from C5 pack and just follow the instructions ?
It will automatically install the sounds at the right folder?

Gracias .