Bends not independently adjustable?

Hey team!
One question please: I didn’t like the automatic placement in this example, but couldn’t change it properly… What gives?
Dorico Bend dragging


Dorico is drawing that bend and release as a single complex item, so the middle point is shared between the two bends.

Thx Daniel, I’ll futz with it a bit more… :wink: :+1:


The manual says,

When you move individual guitar bends in a group or individual handles using the keyboard, this does not affect adjacent guitar bends.

The video further up the thread shows the bend being moved using the mouse, so the paragraph you’ve quoted is irrelevant.

He might have hinted at the fact that I could have used the keyboard to position this correctly, which I ended up doing.
I did not try with the keyboard at first, so I’m grateful for the advice anyway… :wink:
Still, being able to use the mouse would be handy as well, of course!


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Apologies - I read @tomotomo2’s message as reporting an innacuracy, given that his/her/their posts are often bug reports. It was presumably intended as pointing the OP towards the solution.

Brain fail on my part!

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I’m simply heartened to see an example of the documentation telling you exactly what you need to know. That’s nice :slight_smile: