Bends not showing in Elements 3 tab

In Dorico Elements 3 I can see bends in Notation, however, this is not showing in Tab. Can someone please help me with this?

Welcome to the forum, gminaus. I can’t think of a good reason why bends might not appear in tab in Dorico Elements. Could you zip up and attach a small example project?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick reply. Dorico support is very impressive (as is the programme).

I solved my problem while setting up my Dorico sample reply to you. I feel foolish in that I missed the necessity of having the following note determine the bend being present and the extent of the bend, so thanks - my original problem solved.

I have one last issue with Bend Release. I am trying to indicate a Bend Release between two notes of the same pitch. When I add the bend it is displayed in Notation, however, not in Tab. I tried halving the first note duration and adding a note to indicate the pitch of the bend before returning to the pitch of the first note and this also did not work.Any tips?

Thanks again.

I’m afraid Dorico won’t display a release between two notes of the same pitch. Can you please excuse my ignorance, and let me know what that signifies?

Please see attached for an example of what I believe is the usual display for a bend & release to the same note in typical guitar tab.

I guess the solution in Dorico is to split the first note (in the example from semiquaver to demisemiquaver) and make its second note pitched above and show a bend to that note, and then release to a third note pitched back to the same note as the first.
Bend & Release to same pitch.jpg

Yes, in Dorico you would need to notate the destination note of the bend as being a half-step or whole step higher than the initial note, so you have to notate the “high point” of the bend as well as the initially struck note. Evidently there are multiple conventions out there for how bends may be notated, but I believe the convention that Dorico follows (where the start and end pitches of the bend are notated) is the most commonly used one.

Thanks Daniel.