Benefits of changing from Win 7 to Win 8.1 and Cubase Pro 8?


I am currently using a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and Cubase Pro 8. I am wondering what the benefits (if any) of upgrading to Win 8.1 would be, for use with Cubase Pro 8? Is C Pro 8/s performance any better? Is it more stable? Are there less CPU spikes? I would love to know anyone’s thoughts on this matter.

Thanks for any advice in advance


what the benefits (if any) of upgrading to Win 8.1 would be??

MSFT Stock will go up… :laughing:

I don’t know. I’m on Win 7 and it works fine. Was warned off Win 8 by a major computing magazine due to 100ms latency. Version 8.1 may have fixed that. Its a $200 headache for me as of now until someone can convince me its helpful.

The Plug-in Editors “Always on Top” setting in the Preference settings seems to work in Windows 8.x
Meaning, you can deselect it and they won’t be Always on Top

I deinstalled Win 8 here, returned to 7. Windows 10 is on its way, but MS might shoot itself in the foot again, I understand they are killing off Internet Explorer for something called “Spartan” a cut down browser, sdoes not sound wise to me…


Thanks for your replies. I guess I shall stick with Win 7 until I get a Mac then!


That works for me on Win7/64 too.

Do people still use IE? It was my favorite browser but slowly became unusable due to all the bloatware they stuck in it combined with web developers never really testing to use it. Consequently, I found all sorts of glitches, freezes, etc. Finally switched to firefox and Chrome.

IE has always been pretty slow compared to mozilla or chrome. If they ditch it that would be a rather positive move imo.

The biggest show stopper for me from upgrading to Windows 8.1 is that I would need to reinstall all my system, that’s going to be painful, and I’m not sure I’ll have any additional benefit over using windows 7. I’m not a believer in the improved performance when upgrading software or OS. So I guess I’ll jump into the Windows 10 wagon instead, in order to keep my OS up to date and supported by devs.

What happened to Windows 9? :unamused:

“early testing revealed just how many third party products had code in the form of Windows 9”, referring to benchmark operating systems Windows 95 and Windows 98.
“This was the pragmatic solution to avoid that.”

Obviously it comes after 10

why you ask?


Why would you want to get a Mac? They’re no better than a Windows PC performance wise, much less expandable/build-able and a damn site more expensive.

Because I would love to have 3 x 27inch Thunderbolt displays, not forgetting Thunderbolt ports for fast External HDs. Can you even buy PC Monitors that are the equivalent (in both quality and resolution) and don’t require a monster graphics card to run all 3?

I’m having a really hard time believing that third party applications checking if the OS name starts with “Windows 9” is anything that Microsoft would take under consideration when naming their new OS. I mean in that case Vista would have caused these problems already.

My guess it’s just a marketing thingy to state a bigger (and better) update. Doesn’t matter really what they call it if you ask me.

Mac’s make no sense really IMO.

I have two huge TV screens here (42") and they are wonderful. Samsung is about to bring out a new PCI SSD 3.2 TB, and some of the motherboards made by Asus and Gigabyte are fantastic. Win 7 is great, stable and fast too. With Mac you get to work in a cul de sac really, a large cul de sac, but its a cul de sac. Feature design of the big sequencers and VSTs often lags behind too, if they support MAC at all.

A lot less for a lot more money does not make sense, but hey if the machine looks sexy… well


I currently use a 50 inch 1080p tv screen. Looks horrible. I want three smaller high res screens. I also can’t wait to have more real estate on the screens than 1080p offers. Can you recommend anything that matches the Apple 27 inch Thunderbolt Displays and what kind of GFX card would I need to power them? Also what PC motherboards support Thunderbolt?

Sorry, its off topic from my original question…

Don’t know about Monitor high resolution specs. I’ve got two 22" monitors, one of them is a TV and they look crystal clear and sharp to my eyes. with a basic silent graphics card. Are there no PC Motherboards with thunderbolt yet? I thought there were. Asides, if a PC is good enough for Hans Zimmer that’s good enough for me, especially with the price difference. I don’t play games or watch videos on my PC, just music and general stuff. But of course, if you feel super duper high res monitors justify the extra cost then go for it you must.

I think i wouldnt change to windows 8 , even if i got those thunderbolt displays for free. Not trying to sound mean , setup like that might be great , but the problems you get with new os , specially with the 8 (all i have heard from it is bad). It just would not be worth it to me,

Im thinking of getting a larger display , but there are disadvantages too , you have to move the mouse longer distances , maybe turn your head around and so on

W8 is pretty damn good, very few bugs to bother a Cubase user. Advantage of 8.1? Able to go straight to desktop as in W7 by R/Clcik taskbar / properties / navigation etc.

We’re talking about Cubase and audio performances and you talk about display and resolution !

I recently upgraded from Win7 64bits with Cubase 7.5, to Windows 8.1 and Cubase 8 and everything is just fine. I didn’t compare yet the performances though.
I have 3 x 24" monitors including one 3D, one Sony 46" TV Full HD 3D monitor, and a Full HD 3D projector connected to the PC. A total of 5 displays, and my Nvidia Graphics cards are always totaly quite !

If your only concern is Thunderbolt, you can have it on PC. Have a look at Asus motherboards or their extension Thunderlbolt 2 card. This is not a Mac, but an Intel Technology.

And Dell makes some beautiful and affordable 27" and 28" (&+) 4K Monitors.

If you’re just looking for a pretext to switch to Mac, this is another story. Wether you like the UI, the design or else, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But don’t expect to get better performances doing so.

Yes, the thread has gone off track with me answering a question about why I would buy a Mac. Anyway, back to the benefits (if any) of upgrading Win 7 to Win 8.1 to work with Cubase Pro 8!

From what everyone has said, I think I will stick with Win 7. Can’t really identify (at this moment in time) any benefits from upgrading.